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Image by Thomas Griesbeck

In 18th century Scotland, where cu sith roam & witches spin lies, a smithy’s daughter who can tame fairies with a whisper & a cute vampire in a kilt must join forces to defeat the bloodthirsty fay who slew her kin.


Seventeen-year-old Boudica MacLean thinks nothing can dampen her spirits when she’s reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Aiden MacEachan, not even the unwanted advances of the laird’s brother. But when clansmen stumble across a woman’s mauled remains in the woods, the village witch reveals three truths. Boudica’s the last Cagairáin, an ancient race of deadly enchanters who can tame the fay with a whisper. Aiden’s no longer the lad she once knew. He’s a vampire, a fairy-human hybrid born of blood and magic. And she’s being hunted by a band of bloodthirsty baobhan sith, known as the Sisters… and by Aiden.


Newly turned vampire, Aiden, was sent back to Scotland to find Boudica and bring her to his vampire family. Like the Sisters, they know whoever controls Boudica controls the fay. Torn between duty to coven and his love for her, Aiden makes an agreement with Boudica. He’ll help her destroy the Sisters, who terrorize her home, and she’ll go willingly with him.


As the Sister’s close in, slaughtering her loved ones and luring Aiden into a trap, Boudica struggles with the unthinkable. Surrender to the Sisters, exchanging her life for the lives of those she loves, or embrace the dark powers of her people and kill the Sisters, and become the very monster she swore she’d never become.

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In the tradition of Goldman’s The Princess Bride, Sparks’ The Notebook, and Hamsun’s Victoria, A WHISPER OF DEATH tells the tale of a love that transcends time, only with a paranormal twist.


Narrated through the alternating viewpoints of Boudica and Aiden, A WHISPER OF DEATH will appeal to lovers of Scottish romance and vampire angst – think, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander meets LJ Smith's The Vampire Diaries – and readers who adore the lyrical prose of Maggie Stiefvater and Laini Taylor. 


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