Victoria: A Modern Retelling

Status: Plotting & Planning

Category: YA

Genre: Contemporrary

A modern retelling of Knut Hamsun’s moving love story, Victoria.

My Current Projects...

A Whisper of Death (Tales of a Whisperer, Vol. 1)

Status: Completed – Querying

Category: YA

Genre: Historical / Paranormal

Set in 18th-century Scotland, A Whisper of Death is a bittersweet love story about Boudica, a smithy’s daughter who can tame vampires with a whisper, and Aiden, the farm boy who became a vampire to keep her safe.


Lifting The Veil (Tales of a Whisperer, Vol. 2)

Status: Plotting & Planning - Rewrite

Category: YA

Genre: Historical / Paranormal

Set in 18th-century Macau, Lifting The Veil continues the story of Boudica and Aiden as they venture into the exotic netherworld of Macau.


A Nightmare’s Betrayal (The Changeling Chronicles, Vol. 1)

Status: Writing Second Draft

Category: YA

Genre: Portal Fantasy

Set in the 1990s, A Nightmare’s Betrayal follows a timid teenage girl and her nightmare as they journey into the hidden world of Scandinavian folklore to find a cure for her best friend.


Ivy League College Thriller (as yet untitled)

Status: Plotting & Planning

Category: NA/Adult

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Brideshead Revisited meets The Talented Mr Ripley meets The Secret History, only with law students.


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